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Probate and estate administration solicitors

Probate solicitors

Our experienced probate lawyers are used to dealing with all aspects of probate and estate administration. We can act as professional executors and trustees on your behalf in administering an estate following a bereavement.

Estate administration

The process of probate and estate administration takes place after someone dies. If there is a will, the executor named in it is responsible for ensuring that the estate of the deceased is secure, assessing its value and paying any inheritance tax.

The executor

The executor has responsibility for gathering and valuing all the assets, paying any outstanding debts and then distributing what is left according to the will.

Before the administration of the estate can take place, executors or administrators need to apply for the right to deal with the deceased person’s possessions and affairs.

Professional executors and trustees

Our probate lawyers can act as professional executors and trustees on your behalf in administering the estate.

Grant of probate

The authorisation, known as “the grant of representation” or “grant of probate”, is given by the Probate Service.

In order to obtain the grant of probate, there are a number of tasks which will have to be carried out by the executor:

  • Obtaining the death certificate.
  • Establishing authority as the executor of estate.
  • Valuing the person’s estate.
  • Calculating whether or not the estate is liable for inheritance tax.
  • Submitting completed probate forms to the Probate Service.
  • Attending a Probate Service interview and swearing an executor’s oath.
  • Paying any inheritance tax.

If you have been named as an executor or someone close to you has died without leaving a will, our probate solicitors will act on your behalf and apply for a grant of probate or letters of administration.

Bereavement solicitors

Dealing with legal and administration matters after a bereavement can be confusing, upsetting and stressful, which is why our experienced staff will always be flexible, sensitive and understanding when dealing with probate and estate administration clients. We'll take the time to explain carefully what has to be done, how we can help you and the costs involved.

Free wills and probate law guide

The free guide includes information about:

  • Why you should make a will;
  • Intestacy rules;
  • Care costs;
  • Inheritance tax planning;
  • Family home allowance;
  • How to make a will;
  • What happens after someone dies;
  • Protecting your assets.

Download our free short guide to wills and probate.

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