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A modern law practice

Bishopsgate Law - a modern law practice

Bishopsgate Law solicitors is a modern law practice which uses the latest case management technology to provide a fast, efficient service.

We are affordable, progressive lawyers whose approach to legal services is straightforward:

Modern - technology

We use the latest legal case management technology to quickly access all the information we need and share documents securely with our clients and third parties for a fast, efficient service. We have state-of-the-art software and the highest standard of digital security. Our team have the latest tools available at their disposal, for maximum effectiveness.

Modern - competitive

We compete nationally for work and win by offering the best value services available. Our prices are proportional to our costs, rather than to the market.

Modern - personal service

Every client has their own lawyer and can reach them via mobile, direct dial and e-mail. We keep you informed.

Modern - high quality

Every client gets premium, tailored legal support.

Free case assessment by e-mail

We can make an assessment of your case based on the facts and information you send us by e-mail for: