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Bishopsgate Law solicitors in London

A modern, growing law practice in London EC2

Solicitors in London for employment law, employment tribunal claims, personal injury claims, medical negligence claims, immigration law, civil litigation, commercial litigation, and family law.

Bishopsgate Law is a modern, growing law practice with offices in London and Hertfordshire. The London office is in Bishopsgate near Liverpool Street railway station.

Employment law solicitors in London

Our employment law solicitors are specialists who can give legal advice to employees and employers about workplace and employment law and represent them at employment tribunals. We provide independent legal advice about employment settlement agreements.

How our employment law solicitors can help you.

Personal injury solicitors in London

No win no fee personal injury claims, accident claims, workplace injury claims and medical negligence claims from Bishopsgate Law solicitors.

How our personal injury solicitors can help you.

Civil litigation solicitors in London

If you are in a dispute with another person, or a business or organisation, which cannot be resolved, you can seek legal advice about achieving the outcome you want through the courts.

How our civil litigation solicitors can help you.

Commercial litigation solicitors in London

We undertake litigation and dispute resolution relating to all commercial, business, shareholder, director and partnership disputes, civil fraud and actions to protect assets or prevent loss and safeguard business interests.

How our commercial litigation solicitors can help you.

Immigration solicitors in London

We can help with legal advice about UK immigration law including visas and applications, right to work, British citizenship, leave to remain in the UK, and permanent residence for European nationals.

How our immigration law solicitors can help you.

Family solicitors in London

We can help with family law and divorce matters.

How our family law solicitors can help you.

Property solicitors in London

Bishopsgate Law property solicitors provide fast, efficient residential and commercial conveyancing, and can advise clients about leases, and landlord and tenant law.

How our property law solicitors can help you.

Wills and probate solicitors in London

Our wills and probate solicitors can advise you about wills, probate and estate administration. Contact our wills and probate specialists for advice about estate planning and inheritance tax liabilities, trusts, lasting power of attorney, and inheritance claims.

How our wills and probate solicitors can help you.

How to contact us

The London office is at Longcroft House, 2-8 Victoria Avenue, London EC2M 4NS.

Victoria Avenue is next to Bishopsgate police station, almost immediately opposite the Bishopsgate entrance to Liverpool Street railway station, for easy access by main line, overground and underground train services, and by bus.

There is wheelchair access to the London office.

The reception team at Potters Bar make appointments for both offices.

Please call our reception team on 01707 246100 to make an appointment to see a solicitor in London.

More contact information, telephone numbers, e-mail, office addresses and maps.

Free initial consultation

We offer a free initial consultation by appointment for most matters, so we can discuss the brief facts, and can give you an idea of whether you have a potential claim or a case where we can help you.

The legal team at Bishopsgate Law

Bishopsgate Law was started in London by Martin Phillips and the Hertfordshire office was opened in September 2016.

More information about the solicitors and legal team at Bishopsgate Law.