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Employment law solicitors and employment lawyers

Employment Law Solicitors

Employment law help for employees and employers

Employment law solicitors at Bishopsgate Law can advise employees and employers about employment law problems, and we represent claimants and respondents at employment tribunals.

How we can help employment law clients


  • Settlement agreements advice.
  • Employment tribunal claims.
  • Unfair dismissal.
  • Workplace discrimination.
  • More information.

Employers and businesses

  • Employment law advice.
  • Dispute resolution.
  • Tribunal representation.
  • Fixed fee legal and HR support.
  • More information.

Employment law for employees

Our employment law solicitors represent claimants at employment tribunals in unfair dismissal and discrimination claims.

We can tell you if we think you have a good enough case and whether we can represent you in bringing a claim.

  • Free initial consultation - we offer a free initial consultation by telephone for most employment law matters, so we can give you an idea of whether you have a potential claim or a case where we can help you.
  • No win no fee - we can undertake employment tribunal claims on a no win no fee basis where we assess the chances of success are good enough.

More information about how our employment lawyers can help you:

Advice about settlement agreements

If you have been offered a settlement agreement to leave your employment, we can check the agreement and advise you whether or not you should accept it. We can usually do this for a fixed fee and without you having to visit our offices.

Sometimes we may be able to negotiate with your employer to get you a better deal before you sign away your rights to make an employment tribunal claim. Your employer will usually agree to pay for your legal advice as part of the settlement.

Employment law for employers

Employment lawyers at Bishopsgate Law are experienced at helping employers, business owners and managers with employment law and workplace law problems.

We advise employers about defending employment tribunal claims and can represent them at tribunals or during Acas early conciliation.

We can advise employers about specific issues and help resolve disputes on an individual matter basis.

Alternatively, for an annual fixed fee, employers can get direct advice and support from an experienced employment lawyer whenever they need it, as retained clients.

The fixed fee legal and HR support service covers day to day advice about employment relations and employee disputes.

Our fees and costs for employment tribunal claims

There is more information about our fees and costs for employment tribunal claims, what we will do, and who will work on your matter, here:

Experienced solicitors and legal team

Our experienced employment law solicitors, in our dispute resolution team, have represented people in hundreds of employment law matters.

How to contact us

Contact us to arrange to speak to an employment law specialist to see if we can help you.

phone 020 3206 1360


We are a national law firm and represent clients from across England and Wales from our offices in London, Hertfordshire and Northampton.

There is usually no need to visit our offices. We can carry out meetings and appointments by telephone and video calls, with secure document sharing with our clients.