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Employment law advice for employers

Employment law solicitors for employers

We can give legal advice to employers and business owners about workplace and employment law, health and safety law, employment contracts, redundancy, dismissal, disciplinary and grievance procedures and other employment law issues.

Employment contracts and agreements

We can draft new contracts of employment, or review and update documents for employers. If there are no written contracts, we can draft new contracts to reflect the existing terms and conditions of employment. We can also help employers who want to negotiate changes to terms and conditions for their employees.

Disciplinary action, handling grievances

We can give advice to employers about taking disciplinary action against employees and if required we can handle the disciplinary hearings and draft the letters to send to the employee about the outcome. We can help employers go through the procedure necessary to handle staff grievances fairly.

Dismissals and terminations, settlement agreements

We can provide the legal advice to ensure our clients go through the process of dismissing an employee fairly and lawfully and if required we can preside over the dismissal meeting. Where appropriate, we can draft a suitable settlement agreement, so that when an employee leaves they will not pursue a claim against their employer, and we will also have meetings with the employee or their lawyers on our client’s behalf to negotiate if necessary.

Policies and procedures for staff handbooks

We can draft legally-compliant staff handbooks for employers with policies and procedures to cover conduct, disciplinary action and grievances, performance review, equality and discrimination, absence from work, parental leave, maternity leave, and paternity leave, anti-bribery and corruption, data protection, use of internet, e-mail and social media at work, company vehicles and many other areas.

Discrimination and the Equality Act

It is very important for employers to avoid discrimination during recruitment, promotion, disciplinary action, pay and benefits and many other aspects of dealing with employees. We can advise employers about avoiding discrimination, and what to do when staff have made complaints about discrimination, harassment or bullying at work.


We can advise employers about carrying out redundancies, including the process of seeking candidates for voluntary redundancy.

Workplace investigations

We can carry out workplace investigations for employers when there are disputes and employees have made allegations about directors, managers or their colleagues.

Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements

We can draft confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.

Employment tribunal representation

If an employer is facing an employment tribunal claim, we can represent them, and we can also act for them during ACAS early conciliation negotiations. We are experienced in providing pragmatic solutions to minimise liabilities and resolve problems in the most efficient and cost-effective way we can.

Starting a business

If you are starting a business, we can advise and assist with all legal aspects, including proper contracts of employment for all employees, contractor agreements for freelance workers, and an employee handbook with all the required policies and procedures, so that your business starts off on the right legal footing to avoid problems later on.

Health and safety law

We can advise employers about health and safety law compliance, risk assessments and health and safety statements.

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