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Dispute resolution and litigation solicitors

Dispute resolution litigation solicitors

Bishopsgate Law solicitors can help individuals and businesses with litigation and dispute resolution matters.

You can see a dispute resolution litigation solicitor at our offices in central London and Hertfordshire.

Civil litigation solicitors

If you are an individual in a dispute with another person, or a business or organisation, which cannot be resolved, you can seek legal advice about achieving the outcome you want through the courts.

Civil cases in England and Wales are usually dealt with in the County Court and, for more substantial or complex cases, the High Court.

Civil disputes can cover a wide range of issues, from debt recovery or compensation for the provision of sub-standard goods or services to more complex disputes involving large sums of money.

More information about how we can help with civil litigation.

Commercial litigation solicitors

For businesses, we undertake litigation and dispute resolution relating to all commercial, business, shareholder, director and partnership disputes, civil fraud and actions to protect assets or prevent loss and safeguard business interests.

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You can see a litigation solicitor at our offices in London and Hertfordshire.

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