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Business Contingency Plan for Coronavirus

Bishopsgate Law is open for business. Our systems enable us to fully operate our business with staff working remotely from home, continuing to do everything they can to help our clients.

We stopped face to face meetings and office appointments with clients, in accordance with government guidelines, and we are carrying out meetings and appointments by telephone and video calls, and we are using secure document sharing with our clients.

A number of our staff are now working again from our Head Office in Hertfordshire, where we are operating in accordance with the government guidelines for safe working and distancing, but the majority of staff will continue to work remotely. We have carried out the necessary workplace risk assessments and will monitor the situation. Client interaction will continue to be carried out remotely in most cases.

We are a Covid-secure workplace.

Staff Operations

We are able to operate fully with many staff working remotely because we have systems to enable this:

  • Paperless: We have an entirely cloud-based, digital case management system.
  • Remote Phone System: We have a VOIP phone system with removable tablet handsets. Staff also can log into the system via an app on their mobile phones.
  • Video Communication: We are already users of Microsoft Teams for video and chat functionality.
  • Laptops: All staff work on high-powered laptops.
  • Security: All staff connect to a secure and private network while away from the office. We have multiple independent cyber security experts consulting with us and monitoring all connections and activity.
  • Office Independence: Our servers are remote and will run and remain secured during even the most catastrophic events.
  • Training: All staff were selected and trained so that they can work with entirely digital files.
  • Preparation: Since last Autumn, all staff have worked from home on a regular basis, many doing so as frequently as once or twice a week. They have been set up with second monitors at home.
  • Post: Mail is handled at our Hertfordshire Office as usual, with letters and documents received by post being scanned onto our digital case management system on a daily basis.

Client Interaction

We are certifying ID via recorded video appointments. We have digital forms and a facility for e-signatures which are secure, easy to use and do not present any additional cost to our clients, though we must acknowledge that e-signatures are only acceptable for certain types of documents. We have created a guide for our clients to scan documents using their smart phones should they need to send us physical paperwork without access to a scanner. We can handle instructions for wills and probate matters remotely by e-mail, telephone and video calls.