Workplace discrimination claims solicitors

Bishopsgate Law employment law solicitors can give advice about workplace discrimination claims and represent claimants at an employment tribunal.

Workplace discrimination law

The law that covers discrimination in employment in the UK (England, Wales and Scotland, different provisions apply in Northern Ireland) is the Equality Act 2010.

The underlying concepts of the Equality Act are “protected characteristics” and “prohibited conduct”.

Discrimination can consist of:

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There is more specific information about disabilty discrimination here.

Employment tribunal claims

An employee who believes they have been discriminated against at work may be able to bring a claim before an employment tribunal.


Employment tribunals can make unlimited compensation awards in discrimination cases.

No win no fee

We can undertake employment tribunal claims on a contingency fee (No win no fee) basis where we assess the chances of success are good enough.

Strict time limits apply to employment tribunal claims, so get legal advice without delay.

Free case assessment by e-mail

If you believe you may have a case to make an employment tribunal claim, we can make an assessment of your case based on the facts and information you send us by e-mail.

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